Trade and transport conditions

Terms and conditions of TPA passenger s.r.o., with the firm domicile at Krakovská 583/9, Praha 1, PSČ: 110 00, IČ: 04712692 (hereinafter TPApassenger).

A client, who utilize the services of TPApassenger company accepts the terms and condition at the moment of sending the order online through order form at By signing a contract or agreeing the approved order, a client expressly agrees with the terms and conditions of TPApassanger, to which order refers to. Disagreeing with the conditinons, order can not be done. 

We provide all of the services through the orders, which can be done online through web sites by order form, e-mail, phone call or SMS. The mandatory is considered to be the service, which a transporter confirms to a customer by an e-mail, phone call or SMS. The transfer from an airport can be ordered at least 24 hours before planned journey. 

For the services provided, you can pay by transfer, invoice, online, by cash or credit card to a driver. In the case of payment in cash, we accept following currency: CZK, EUR, USD, GBP. In case of ordering a return transfer, it is possible to pay the total price at the time of first transfer by invoice, bank transfer, online, in cash or credit card. You receive a payment confirmation of the total amount from the driver. Payment by invoice is payable 14 days from the date of exposure, if not agreed otherwise. 

Reimbursement for return journey
In case the return transfer is ordered, a client has a choice to reimburse the total price or separately the single journey. A driver will give a client a payment confirmation. At the time of return journey, the customer submit the driver the invoice about the return journey.  

Confirmation of received payment
On-line payment  – TPApassenger will send a client an invoice with an ordered service
Invoice – TPApassenger will make a client an invoice
Payment to a driver – a driver will give a client a simplified invoice
TPApassenger prices prices are final


Pick up in Prague
In case of any modification of transfer time or cancellation, please inform us at least 2 hours prior to the planned transfer by phone call, SMS or e-mail. Dodržením stanovených podmínek přepravcem, vám garantujeme vrácení celé zaplacené částky. Otherwise, we will charge 100% cancellation fee of ordered transport due to the costs already incured. 

Pick up outside of Prague
The order cancellation must be done at least 24 hours prior to the arranged pick up by an e-mail, cell phone or SMS. Otherwise, we charge 100% cancellation fee of ordered transport due to the costs already incured. 

Assurances, compensations, money refund

In case our driver will not pick you up at the arranged time because of the unpredictable situation, we guarantee the money refund or service refund. In case a customer will not be satisfied with the transport services, he can claim the compensation for the detriment. For the caused detriment or loss, the compensation is limited to the maximum price of ordered transportation. Term for lodge a claim is 30 days from the transport implementation. 


In case client can not find a driver, please contact immediately the TPA Passenger by phone number received in the purchase order. 

These transport conditions are valid for indefinite period starting from the 01.01.2017.